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Vinnie Bit My Nose!

March 1st 2010 2:47 am
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Well, it was really a little "love-nip". Here's what happened.....Mommy had to go out of town for a day, leaving us all alone all day! Such abuse!
I wonder how SHE'D like it if WE all ran away at the same time, leaving HER all alone.
Anyway, mommy knows better than to leave treats out when she has to leave, because she's seen us in action.

1. If any biscuit or crew roll is left unsecured, it's all mine, but I have to be quick!

2. If I try and weasel my way to a treat that's near Vin or Sammy (they're not eating it- I want it), they'll growl at me, so I just try again later.

3. One time, when mom first brought Sammy home-he was really unsocialized- Sammy made a play for Vinnie's chew, and there was a minor scuffle- mommy yelled "HEY!" and they stopped, but not without Sammy getting a nip at Vinnie first!

4. So when we get our treats, mom supervises.

HOWEVER, there's one thing. Sammy could care less when the dangerous mail/delivery/doorbell ring occurs- but Vinnie is King of barking at the door. King, I tell ya! Head Honcho. The Big Kahuna. Top Banana..Alpha Door Barker.....
But I wanted to get in on the action, too! Usually mommy leaves the door open, so we can look out (Vinnie is just standing guard..waiting..) through the heavy locked screen door. And when anyone approaches-the mail- mass bark hysteria. Vinnie really hurls himself at the door; he takes his job seriously.

Mommy likes it when he does that to salesmen, especially since she has a "No Soliciting" sign on the door. But I guess all humans can't read.

Okay, so I have started to join in on the daily barkfest, my paws slipping on the wood floor, trying to get my bark in- and Vinnie will turn to ME, as if to say: "Hey, this is MY job, MY mailman, Get Lost!" and nip at ME so I back off. But I still want to be part of it, I want to do something important, too!

Mom tells us, "Shhhh" and "Enough", sometimes we listen, sometimes we don't. (She's thinking of auditioning us for "The Dog Whisperer" TV show- our out of control barking at the door, and Sammy's chronic escape plans.)

When mommy came home after that time she was gone all day ( it was dark when she came home), she came in-doesn't make a fuss until we are all calm- then pets us and usually we get a treat! That's when she saw my nose!
Right at the top of it, it looked rough and scraped, like the skin had been scratched. So she cleaned it up, put a dab of peroxide on my snout until it bubbled a bit- didn't hurt at all. She asked me, "Did Vinnie do this to you?" Even though she didn't see it happen, she's seen Vinnie nip at me when I try to join in on the barking or if I try and take a treat when he's too close to it.
And she's seen him get dog-crazy at the door and give me a nip when I bark, too.

Like I said, Sammy is totally laid-back when it comes to any noises, knocking, people outside, etc. He's all chill. But, The Vinster is on DUTY, he thinks. So, even if the door was closed, we can still HEAR the mail, or we look out the window and then, it's ON! Muhaa-haa-ha.

My nose is fine. It was one of those "warning" nips, so he didn't even break the skin or anything. And mommy understood- Vinnie is the oldest, after all. He's kind of set in his ways...honestly, he used to be a lot worse at the door, like that, but mom just doesn't react to it negativily-a bark or two is okay, but if he really gets carried away, mommy just calmly closes the door, or tells him, "Stop, Vinnie, That'll DO!" and he stops. Just long enough to run out the back door and bark through the fence, to make sure the dangerous mailman has gone away.

As for me, I got extra treats and lots of petting for my poor nose, 'cuz mommy felt bad for me. Extra treats? Heh-heh... THAT'LL do! BOL!

Love, Casey (The "if you're not gonna eat that, can I have it?" dog.)


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Barked by: Wrinkles (RIP) (Dogster Member)

April 13th 2010 at 7:12 pm

Casey Ebby nips my cheek if I even look at her treat! She's sooo greedy!!!

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