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Kahaus is available for adoption

March 31st 2010 2:40 pm
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Though I took Kahaus with me to college initially, I am no longer able to be in the living situation that I had him in for health and financial reasons. I moved on campus this semester, and my college, as most, does not permit dogs on campus. Kahaus is currently staying with his breeder/co-owner awaiting a new home.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a generally low-maintenance breed. Though they need exercise as much as any dog, they are unsuited for an active home, as they are prone to health problems from overexertion. This, however, makes them excellent apartment dogs for their size. Most (like Kahaus) really love kids. Males (like Kahaus) tend to be more mellow than females, making them more suited to homes with young children. One thing they do require is consistent brushing, as they shed profusely.

As they are large dogs, Berners are not generally expected to live long. This, however, varies greatly by bloodline. Kahaus had a female relative live to age fifteen. And, though Kahaus is nine, he is a vibrant, healthy senior dog.

Kahaus has hypothyroidism, for which he takes inexpensive levothyroxine pills; his pills cost less than $10 per month. Though he is less physically capable than he once was, he can still keep up on a good, short hike, and he still gets jumpy and excited when I visit him. He shows no signs of arthritis.

Kahaus has zilch prey drive and generally ignores cats and well-behaved small dogs. He dislikes small dogs with no manners (those that insist on getting in his face and can't take the "back off" hint), so I would generally warn away small dog owners unless they can demonstrate that their dogs are well-trained and socially astute. Once he warms up to them, he generally enjoys playing with other sociable large dogs. He LOVES young children, and he's never bitten a living thing as long as I have had him.

Kahaus is free to a good home on the following conditions:

-- Potential adopters must be approved by Kahaus's breeder/co-owner and myself
-- Kahaus must be kept as a primarily indoor dog
-- I must be there to say goodbye when he leaves to his new home

Preference will be given to those in the Portland Metro area, and/or to those who can come and pick him up in person. Please send me a message for more information/pictures if interested.


Can 4 years really be that old?

July 5th 2005 11:08 pm
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Geesh, I'm only 4 and I'm already a grandpa! My mom's says that she went to see the last remaining puppy of my daughter, Ida's, recent litter. This puppy, dubbed Big Momma, looks like a normal 3 1/2 - 4 month old puppy... she's 8 weeks old!! Her legs are the size of the telephone poles I love to pee on so much and she has my pitifully sad looking eyes (she'll grow into them). According to her breeder's sister, the stud she used for this litter seems to have a tendency towards big puppies. Whew, glad to know it's not me...

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