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Say What? I'm Celo!

Ok! I'm Back!

January 19th 2012 3:29 pm
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Well, I'm not back, like back at home, but I'm back here working on my diary. I have so much to tell you, my friends. I haven't had a computer that works. Mom says that it's the Cable Company's fault. Normally, I'd just think that she's just making stuff up, but she has been on the phone for HOURS with the Cable Company, even when I'm at the door, pawing on my Potty Bells, and whining, "Mom, I gotta go NOW!"

It has been very difficult, to say the least. But the computer is working again, and here I am. First, I'd like to say a belated Happy New Year to all my friends.

And Merry Christmas. Sheesh! I didn't even get to tell you about my Christmas! It was the day before Christmas, and Dad came home. That was a great gift because Dad had been spending a lot of time at work. I mean, a LOT, like days and weeks. This was new and I didn't like it one bit. But he came home and I was very happy. Mom had already started packing up the MotorDen, so it was obvious that we were going to go away for Christmas, just like I thought. I'm pretty smart sometimes, aren't I?

But she and Dad took forever to get everything packed up. And then, she started to clean the house. What was THAT? Usually, when we go camping and on vacation, they put out the garbage and Mom cleans all the dishes and wipes the counters. But this time, she cleaned the refrigerator, washed the floors and did all sorts of stuff. So I jumped on the bed and messed it all up. I mean, I dug and dug on the blankets. I was excited and I just wanted to tell them that it's ok if the house is a little bit messy, let's go on our Christmas trip!

So after hours and hours, the house was clean; the MotorDen was packed; and Mom put Meri and me in our crates in her car. What? I thought we were going on a vacation???

But when she backed out of the driveway, Dad drove the MotorDen right behind us. So I guess we were taking two cars. That happened once when Grandma and Grandpa flew up to Washington and we all went camping together. So I fell asleep because I didn't know how far away the campground would be. But based on all that packing and cleaning, I guessed that we would be gone for a while, so it must be kind of far.

I woke up when I smelled water. I thought we were there, because we almost always camp by lakes and rivers. But actually, we were just crossing the Columbia River and crossing into Portland. So I admired the view from that super tall bridge and then I went back to sleep. We stopped for a few potty breaks here and there. And Meri and I got some cheeseburgers, which was considerate. But mostly, I slept. I guess that messing up the bed left me more worn out than I realized. The drive was relaxing. Mom was playing Christmas Carols. Dad had given her walkie-talkie radios, so they talked back and forth now and then, which was comforting. I didn't listen to their conversation very much. They were just doing that human small talk stuff, which frankly, is kind of boring. I only like it when they talk about me, or vacations, or food. And they weren't doing any of that. So they bored me in that comfortable way.

I did consider that it would be nice if Meri and I had barkie-barkie radios, though. I wondered if Santa would bring us some for Christmas. I was going to ask Mom if she thought so. But I dozed off again.

Finally, I felt the car pull off the freeway. I always wake up when the car slows down because that's when interesting things start to happen. I recognized where we were almost immediately. It's a campground, but there's a park next to it. We've camped there a couple times, but the park is a nice place to stretch our legs and potty. So we stop there every time we drive to California. There are also geese and ducks there. So it's also a nice place to grab a goose poop snack if no one notices, but they usually do. And frankly, they tend to overreact. Meri loves to go there and try to chase ducks -- except she's always on leash. Or maybe, that's WHY she's always on a leash?

Anyway, back to my story. It was really late at night. And it was Christmas Eve. Mom said that we were spending the night there.

I was very happy. I recognized the park, so I was certain that Santa would know where we were. They set up the MotorDen, which had way more stuff in it than usual. I didn't see why we needed that much stuff. But humans like stuff, what can I say?

They fed us and made the bed. Since I missed Dad because he had been gone so much, I smashed myself between him and Mom. And for some reason, Mom let me.

But I don't know if you know much about MotorDens. Ours is actually small. The bed is tiny. So I got really hot between those two hot humans. So I laid on top of Dad. I figured he couldn't slip away again if I were on top of him. And this way, I could still see Santa when he came. It was perfect.

Well, it turns out that dads are very lumpy and not comfortable. But I must have fallen asleep anyhow. Because when I woke up in the morning, Santa had come and I never saw him!

We totally forgot to hang up our stockings, but Santa left me some of my very favorite squeaky toys, a couple of stuffy toys, and some chews anyhow. He left them in little piles on the counter top. I must have been very good, because I got a lot of nice things. Meri got some good stuff too, including some fluffy warm blankets that match her fur, which she always loves.

And Mom and Dad were there and smiling. In fact, they looked happier than they have in a long time. And we were on vacation. It was a very Merry Christmas!


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Barked by: Bella Vance (Dogster Member)

January 20th 2012 at 12:18 pm

I'm glad that you had a very Merry Christmas, Celo! It's too bad that we couldn't have met up when you drove through Portland. Speaking of Portland, isn't it beautiful and wonderful?!?! Anyways, I must say that I am jealous that you got to on vaca for Christmas, but I'm very glad you, Meri, and your Mommy and Daddy had a pawsome Christmas.

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