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My life as a doberboy.

WHEW! I smell BAD!

July 16th 2005 10:13 am
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Well, last night I found out what a SKUNK was and my momma wasn't very happy about it either. I needed to go out at 2:00 this morning and do my business and when I went outside there was this cute little creature laying in my bed that I use when I am chillin in the backyard. So I ran to greet him and he stood on his front paws and sprayed this god awful smelling stuff on me:-(. Momma didn't know it when she let me in the house and when she realized it, it was too late. I had already jumped on the love seat. She immediately pushed me out the back door and got in her car and left for a little while. When she came back she had all this stuff in a bag and gave me a bath with it. I smell better now but my nose and face still stink a little because she couldn't wash me there really good because of my eyes. (She was mad but she still loves me) Anyway because I jumped up on the loveseat, she now has to scrub that with the same stuff she bathed me with. I didn't like being bathed outside (that's for animals) the water was cold and she tied me up so I couldn't run from her. :-(
I hope I see that little creature again, maybe he will play with me next time.
C-ya, Nixon



June 21st 2005 7:40 pm
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Well tonight was a sad night for me. I can't go to the tennis court and run anymore cause this evil man in a black and white car gave my mom a trespassing ticket for being on city property 5 minutes past the time we were supposed to leave. My mom asked him for a warning and he said NO he was already giving us a break. Then there were 5 boys that walked right past him into THE PARK and he didn't say anything, so my mom reminded him that THEY were trespassing as well and he didn't care. So when he was finished writing the ticket my mom reminded him again that they were in the PARK and that it was now like 30 minutes past curfew and he got mad and just told them to leave. How do you like that? Whyk didn't THEY get a ticket as well? Well anyway, that was my last time there, and I loved it oh so much. There is always someone out there to ruin it for everyone. So now it is just walks and playing in my back yard.
I am soooo depressed.... :-( Drop me a line and cheer me up.
Bye for now,
Nixon : (


I smell good.....

February 24th 2005 9:14 am
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Well, today mom took me to be groomed again. I really like it there, there are lots of other doggies to sniff and talk to. They treat me really good there but for some reason they put me in a cage today!!!! They always used to let me roam around until mommy came to pick me up but they said something about my hormones kicking in and told my mommy that I was peeing on all the other dogs.... I was just marking my territory. They also told mommy that they had to wash two dogs over cause I pee-d on them. So anyway, when they put me in the cage I sang to them for about twenty minutes or so, I heard them calling mommy on the phone and said that I was ready to come home and I was driving them crazy. I think they like my singing, my mommy said she heard me singing as soon as she got out of the car. They don't call it singing though I heard someone say "HOWLING". I was soooo happy to see mommy when she came in the door. I was ready to come home if they won't let me wander around the joint. Well, it has been a hectic morning.... I have to go take my doggie nap. Howl at you later. Nixon

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