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Doctor's appointment

March 29th 2013 10:08 am
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Yesterday was an exciting day. We went to my human's doctor for a visit!

It was so much fun! First, there was the car ride, which I love, because it means I get to nap. Then, when we got there, I got to suit up to work! We haven't been getting out a lot, so I haven't been working much.

My person was disoriented inside the building, but there were a lot of nice people who directed her to the correct floor. And we took the elevator! It's been a long time and it was fun!

People were commenting on my beauty, which I have missed. I like having fans. When we got to the doctor's office, a little boy came running over because he said he wanted a dog just like me! I wished I could have played with him.

Then it got boring. Waiting for our turn, and then waiting while my person was weighed (she was happy about the result though, so that was fun).

I was really interested in the sound the blood pressure cuff made, though. That was fun! I cocked my head and made the nurse laugh.

Then it got boring again. The doctor came in and she and my person talk, talk, talked. I dozed. Then my person put me in a down-stay in the corner and she climbed up on a table.

I watched while the doctor manipulated my person and they talked some more. When my person laid down on the table, I broke my down-stay. Yes! I know it was bad. I walked over and licked my person's hand. She reassured me, told me to go lie down, and I went back into my corner and waited like I was supposed to.

Soon, my person was off the table and she called me back to her side. The rest of the appointment I dozed, because they talked a lot more. Suddenly, they were saying good-bye and it was time to go.

My person was disoriented again--that building was confusing--but I took us to the elevator and that's where she wanted to go, so we were soon off for home.

As soon as we got home, we went for a walk and that was fun, too! I like it when we're busy! We should work more often, I think. And get some kids, too, to play with.


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