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Friday, March 12th

March 12th 2010 4:52 pm
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My human had a nightmare last night, so I woke her up by licking her face. Then I curled up next to her so that she could stroke my fur while she went back to sleep.

We were still up early as usual so that I could get some exercise without being interrupted by other dogs. My human and I have a system for ball throwing and chasing.

We use two tennis balls. (To encourage me to take care of business, she throws one ball for me after I pee, and then the other after I poop.)

My human stands in the middle of the large dog area. I have to give her a solid down before she throws the ball.

After I've captured my prize and am running back to her, she says "drop!" I drop the ball while I'm running and she throws the other ball and I'm off again!

The ball I dropped usually rolls right to her. Then we repeat. When I get tired and lay down, she steps over me a few times. She does that at home, too. She says it's for practice.

We do this until the 5:50 AM bus rolls by. I'm usually still cooling down by the time my Husky acquaintances arrive. We sniff butts a bit and wag our tails, and then it's time to go home.

Today was Basic Obedience at Berkeley Humane Society with Nancy Frensley. We both love Nancy!

My human had a lot of phone calls to make -- what is it with humans and all the talk talk talking? She took a shower, which is a shame, because she was just beginning to smell interesting. We got in the car (I had to wear my seatbelt harness-- ick!) and drove to a park near the Dumbarton Bridge for a long leash walk before heading over to class.

Today there was a new puppy in class. A Scottish Deerhound. It's taller than me, but gangly. I'm sure I was never so uncoordinated...

I really wanted to play with that puppy and he wanted to play with me, too. My human kept distracting me just before I went into a play bow. Very annoying. She has very bad timing quite often.

Our major accomplishments during this lesson were practicing an informal down-stay next to my human's chair, and learning a new way to figure out what I should leave alone and what I can take. Nancy says I have a very soft mouth. That puppy I wanted to play with kept chewing on his human when she would feed him a treat.

I started wrestling with my mat when class was almost over, so Nancy took it away. I had to lie on the concrete for the rest of the class!

I slept all the way home. The drive home took a lot longer than usual because of the rain.

My human doesn't have any energy at the end of the day, so we'll probably just nap and putter around the apartment. We might practice the one-step heel, and Leave it.


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Barked by: Ollivander (Dogster Member)

March 12th 2010 at 4:57 pm

Sounds like you did a good job in class. We LOVE deerhounds and are jealous you get to be in class with one!
Barked by: Rethy (reethy) CGC, PSD (Dogster Member)

March 12th 2010 at 7:58 pm

Iris, you lucky pup. My mom doesn't even go to sleep until midnight or after. I don't even have the chance to go out early, so I sleep in too. I'm so little that Mom cheats and takes me to the regular park and throws the ball for me hoping that no one will see me. You'd be really easy to spot out there like that.

That one-step heel thing is a pain in the neck (not literally). It's just that I want to get going and then Mom stops. You know what I trained her to do? I stayed next to her, made sure I didn't feel the leash and she keeps walking. Humans are limited, but trainable. Hang in there, yours will learn that too.

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