X-Rays Reveal the Weirdest Things Dogs Have Eaten

Some dogs will eat just about anything.

In my dog Jake's first week or so with us, when he was six months old, he gulped down almost everything he could get his mouth on:



Women's razor?



Check. Check. Check.

Fortunately we were able to rein in his heavy metal habit before he got into serious trouble. Ah, those were the days... NOT!

So when the folks over at ProbioticSmart sent me a post they'd cleverly put together showing X-rays of some really weird things dogs have eaten, it took me right back down memory lane.

And boy am I ever glad not to be there any more! Check out these crazy X-rays and stories. (All with happy endings.)

For more, see the complete post.

Ozzie, an English dog, was in a tussle with another pooch over a rubber ducky. He found the perfect hiding place for it. He was fine after a "quick surgery."

Oscar, a Shih-Tzu, wolfed down a mackerel he came across on a walk. The hook lodged in his throat. A veterinary surgeon got him off the hook within the hour.

Dixie got hold of a chocolate egg and made quick work of it. Unfortunately, along with the chocolate, she swallowed the Homer Simpson figurine that was inside the egg. Doh! She is fine after surgery removed Bart's pop.

Apachee, a husky, had lived 10 years without having a run-in with a fork. But one day he stole one from the kitchen sink, and down the hatch it went. It poked through a vein in his chest, and resulted in the need for several surgeries and blood transfusions. Miraculously, Apachee lived to tell his friends about it.

"What's it all about, Alfie?" That's what the spaniel's owners wanted to know when he stopped eating and drinking. X-rays revealed that this was a clear case of dog-eat-dog. (Or dog-eat-plastic-dog-from-a-doll-house.) He recovered quickly, after surgery to remove his "mini-me."

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