Wheaten Terrier Dogs

Wheaten Terriers are sweet friends to everyone. They also make excellent watchdogs. Playful and lively around the home, they really keep the mood upbeat with their fun and antics. Wheatens can be slightly headstrong, needing plenty of supportive training during puppyhood, but overall they are very easy to get along with—especially when they get lots of exercise and attention. They want to be involved with their families and don’t appreciate being left out of anything.

Wheaten Terrier

Wheaten Terrier Pictures

  • Wheaten Terrier dog named Maya
  • Wheaten Terrier dog named Honey Bear
  • Wheaten Terrier dog named Fünf
  • Wheaten Terrier dog named Kale
  • Wheaten Terrier dog named Tucker
  • Wheaten Terrier dog named Lucy
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Quick Facts

  • 30-40 pounds
  • 17 - 19 inches

Ideal Human Companions

    • Families
    • Apartment dwellers
    • Active seniors

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Trademark Traits

    • Attentive
    • Cooperative
    • Self-assured
    • Inquisitive
    • Loyal

Things You Should Know

Wheaten Terriers can live as long as 15 years. Common health issues include hip dysplasia and renal dysplasia. They are also prone to protein-loss in the intestines (known as PLE) and kidneys (known as PLN). Wheaten Terriers need daily grooming to keep their coats in shape. Consider combing rather than brushing to prevent their coats from becoming frizzy.

Wheaten Terrier History

Loved and cherished for several centuries in Ireland, Wheaten Terriers didn’t earn worldwide attention until their debut at the 1937 Irish Kennel Club Championship Show. No one knows for sure where or how they came to be, but legend tells us that when the Spanish Armada sunk off the coast of Ireland, the little blue dogs that escaped the wreckage found wheaten-coated terriers waiting for them on shore.

The Look of a Wheaten Terrier

Wheaten Terriers are tough, medium-sized, square-built dogs covered in silky, wheaten-color coats. They have powerful, rectangular heads, reddish brown eyes and upright, docked tails. Overall, Wheaten Terriers have a hardy but refined look.