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Smart and a little aloof

I love my Portuguese Podengos. I have some Grande Smooth and Wire varieties as well as a pequeno (little size). People always stop and ask if the bit ones are Ibizans or Pharohs or some other primitive breed. Hanna in particular loves everyone, although the breed should be a little aloof -- she read that as "a goof" and behaves accordingly.

They are smart, but it's important that they not live in isolation. They need to get out and about to training classes, in the neighborhood, etc. They are easily trained in spite of being a hound, BUT regular reinforcements of what they have learned is a must.

As a primitive breed, resource guarding with some chew bones in particular is certainly possible, but easily remedied if you just don't give them treats outside of their crate or pen area. I can't imagine my life without them.

~Diana M., owner of a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

A love sponge who is tuned in to thunderstorms

Topaz is very sensitive to weather change -- high winds, rain, and thunderstorms. I had to put him on doggie Prozac because we get frequent storms here.

I rescued him from the ASPCA three years ago. He is sweet and very handsome, but also very intense. He loves people and would probably do well with a family (he gets obsessed with a single person and has high separation anxiety). He also loves chasing deer.

~Martine V., owner of a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno