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  • Hovawart dog named THARA
  • Hovawart dog named Lea (I'll love you forever!)
  • Hovawart dog named Jesper
  • Hovawart dog named Phoenix J. von der Rabenleithe
  • Hovawart dog named Gaston
  • Hovawart dog named Toblerone
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Wonderful dogs

First of all, since discovering you have Hovawart listed in your Dog Breeds list, I now know that I love this website more than most. I have no tips, only that I am positive I rescued a Hovawart from my local shelter. Awaiting DNA test results but this breed may not be part of their database. We'll see. What a wonderful, wonderful dog if that is what she is.

~Pat M., owner of a possible Hovawart

Guardian of the estate

This type of dog almost became extinct in the early 1900s. It originated in Germany and had to be crossbred with German shepherds and Bernese Mountain Dogs to keep it going. It's very rare.

Mine is intelligent, very loyal to my family, and a great protector, but does not like strangers. This is an outstanding dog breed to have but rare to find.

~B B, owner of a Hovawart

Eureka! I found her!

When I adopted my little Attie from a GSD rescue, they thought she was a GSD/Gordon Setter mix -- but looking and reading about the Hovawarts, I'm now convinced this is what she is!! She's on the smaller side, 45 pounds at 1.5 years of age, but her temperament, coat, and markings are identical!

She is a lovebug with me and her Daddy and gets along well with our cats but she can be wary of strangers, true to the guard dog nature of the breed. She loves to swim, she's bright, and responds best to positive reinforcement. I'm so excited to have discovered the Hovawart breed and LOVE my Attie-cakes!!

~Karri B, owner of a Hovawart