Using RSS Feeds on Dogster

It's kind of geeky but it's pretty nifty

RSS is commonly known to stand for "Really Simple Syndication" and for our purposes it means we've followed a standard form of making a text file out of diary entries of every diary writer on the site. This text file can then be submitted to a Feed Reader, which is any software that knows the RSS format and can display it. What this means then is you can read updates of your favorite diaries when you check your email or home page .... BUT your mail or homepage software has to support RSS ... or you can install custom RSS software and read many other blogs and news items all in that one place.

RSS is starting to become very common and can be used in some newer mail clients, in websites such as MyYahoo, as well as in free feed reading software. If all of this sounds like a confusing waste fo time, you should probably just ignore this dorky stuff and get back to fun.

But if you would like to get updates in your mail or web clients that support RSS feeds, or want to install a feed reader then now might be the time for you to learn about RSS feed readers.

I don't think I can actually do the 'How-To' better than Heinz, so I'm linking to his description on It's really thorough and has tons of links to downloads and further explanations.

If this sounds too weird to you or makes no sense then I'd just keep reading the diaries exactly as you are. But if you want to explore a new technology take the time to read up on it, find the RSS reader that works best for you (I've gone through 7 of them) and read your diaries there!

If you want more help do a search in the forums or post your question, I'm sure you'll get an answer right away! Have fun!