Cookie Cookie, Who Needs A Cookie???

Woof Woof!! Dogster needs a cookie!

For your protection and safety, we require all visitors the want to log-in to accept our browser cookie. Currently your browser is not accpeting our cookie.

Due to the site's worldwide popularity we have to be very very careful. Leaving a cookie lets us always know you are you, in a way no one can impersonate. Think of it as stashing a secret dog treat only you and Dogster know about.

After turning your browser's cookies on, you can click back to start again. Or if you'd prefer not to set cookies now, click back and surf normally. If you're confused, below we give help on how to change your settings and we've answered some questions. If this is frustrating for you please email us and let us know of any problems you have.

What the heck is a cookie? A cookie is a tiny text file that on your computer a single website can read and write that is on your computer. In fact for security purposes a web page can not read or write any files on your computer except for this one cookie text file. Though any website can have a cookie file, websites can only read the cookies that they set.

How do I turn them on? Each browser is different, but they all have an Options or Preferences area. In there, in a Security or Privacy area you will see a section on cookies. You can either turn that on, enter just to allow '' cookies, or set-it to ask you each time a website wants to leave a cookie. Here's a pretty helpful directions page on how to change these setting on your browser. Another good idea is to do a web search on "Cookie Settings" and write your browser name.

But I've heard cookies are dangerous, is this true? No it's not true, but some time some less respectable sites use them to discern a bit more about your surfing habits. A good idea is to set your browser to allow cookies only if you approve them. Then for a couple days of surfing you'll see who is dropping cookie and you can look at which server is sending them and you can approve the ones you like (like for instance) and block any that look questionable (like But really, no one has ever been hurt or harmed by allowing a cookie. Never.

Well what if I don't want to turn cookies on? You can still surf the site and view dogs but you would not be able to log in and use any account features.