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When Your Pup Has a Data Plan: Texts from Dog

He's the funniest dog ever to text his owner -- and maybe the only one, too (until the copycat sites start up, that is). Laugh along to the runaway Tumblr Texts from Dogs.

 |  Apr 23rd 2012  |   6 Contributions

Do you ever wonder what your dog does while you're away at work? Or what he would message you if he had opposable thumbs to type on a smartphone?

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How many tennis balls have you lost because Fido couldn't find it?

Texts from Dog answers just those questions, in a Tumblr of occasionally bawdy exchanges between a dog and his very, very patient human. They're hilarious! We're totally Barking Out Loud over here!

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Unfortunately, the bank doesn't take "The dog ate my statement!" as an excuse.

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Confession: How many of you have witnessed this in action?

It makes us think about how maybe we're sometimes glad that our dogs can't talk to us!

If your dog could text you, what would he or she say? Would she tell you about chewing up the furniture? Or would he lament how much he misses you? 

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