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Do You Tether Your Dog While You Shop?

For the past seven years, Jon Sung has been taking photos of dogs tied up to things in San Francisco. Dogblog is his opus.

 |  Jun 1st 2012  |   102 Contributions

When Jon Sung started taking photos of dogs in San Francisco tied outside of shops waiting patiently for their humans, he had no idea he would amass a collection of more than 500 photos over a course of seven years. Sung posts the photos to his Tumblr, Dogblog, along with snappy captions (included below) that lend humor to the mournful faces of these pups.

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And then there’s that certain breed of dog we know only as the Woe Sponge, so named for his ability to soak up not only the dolor of the world at large, but your own as well, removing it from your body after only a few seconds of gentle pats on the head. Remarkably, the Woe Sponge never needs to be wrung out, as he is self-renewing and eternal.

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Not pictured: the magical glowing portal to another dimension embedded in the wall that winked out of existence half a second before I took this shot.

The freelance copywriter, musician, and self-proclaimed "minor baron of the Internet" doesn't have a dog of his own, but finds them hilarious. He got the idea for Dogblog when he was a resident of the Noe Valley neighborhood, where lots of people take their dogs out and about, tethering them to parking signs, bike racks, and benches while they shop.

Sung was moved by the expressions on the dogs' faces, and so he started snapping photos with his camera and saving them as "Forlorn Dogs." Deciding that others may want to partake in his amusement, he turned to Blogger, and then finally landed at Tumblr.

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The President of Dogs wants your attention for just a second. It’s a vital matter of national security. Did you or did you not remember to get an extra rawhide bone, the kind the President likes, and if you did not, what are you still doing here.

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When you think about it, dogs are essentially just cheerful wolves who we happened to make pals with a few thousand years ago.

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The Ambassador’s remarks are concluded for the evening. Please enjoy the reception in the courtyard. The palace guards will show you the way.

After seven years of posting dog photos, Sung doesn't see an end in sight, saying that "dogs will never stop being hilarious."

Editor's note: What do you guys think of tethering dogs outside shops? I personally would never do it out of fear that my pup would be snatched up. 

Images from Dogblog, story via Animal Tracks 


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