Video We Love: Famous Talking Huskies Mishka and Laika Discuss Etiquette

Mishka the talking Husky commits a major faux paw when she refuses to say "Bless you," after her little sister Laika sneezes. Never has rudeness looked so cute!

Liz Acosta  |  May 7th 2012

Mishka became one of the Internet’s most famous talking Huskies when her family recorded and posted a video of her telling the world, “I love you.” (Awww, Mishka, we love you too!)

But it seems that all the fame and fortune may have gone to her head!

When Laika, Mishka’s little sister, sneezes, Mishka refuses to bow to etiquette and say, “Bless you.”

A debate ensues over the faux paw that is sure to have you awwwing.

Whose side are you on? You can watch more of Mishka and Laika on their YouTube channels.

Images via Mishka’s Facebook page