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Sammy and the City Is New York City's Adorable Tour Guide

See the sights and sounds through the eyes and nose of Sammy and the City. We wish all tour guides were as cute as this Pom.

 |  Jun 5th 2012  |   0 Contributions

You've heard of Sex and the City, but what about Sammy and the City?

Sammy is an equally stylish and totally adorable Pomeranian who knows all about New York City and takes photos at famous destinations as a tour guide for visitors. And if you can't quite make it to the Big Apple, you can visit vicariously through the eyes of Sammy.

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Sammy enjoys the sights and the sounds.

In fact, Sammy recently checked out Pilgrim Hill at 72nd and Fifth Avenues to pose with the cherry blossom trees in bloom. The trees have been there since 1912, when they were given to the United States by Japan as a token of friendship. Pilgrim Hill is also home to a famous bronze statue sculpted by John Quincy Adams Ward in 1884 to commemorate the landing of the Pilgrims.

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Sammy poses with the cherry blossoms.

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Go Sammy go!

Check out these photos of Sammy in the park looking totally adorable. We'd love to go on a tour of the city with Sammy! We bet he knows the best dog-friendly places to go and the best parks to play in. And with a smile as sweet as Sammy's, it's no wonder he's in the know!

Planning a trip to New York this summer? Make sure to check out Sammy and the City!

Photos via Sammy and the City


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