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Check in on a Litter of Labs -- 24/7 -- Through a Puppy Cam

The pups will be service dogs helping veterans via a group called Warrior Canine Connection.

 |  Jan 22nd 2013  |   0 Contributions

The Warrior Canine Connection in a nonprofit organization that helps train and pair therapy and service dogs with veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and mobility impairments. There are few things in the world that can provide the same healing power as the very special bond between humans and dogs, and the Warrior Canine Connection seeks to make that bond more accessible to those who really need it.

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So adorable!

Recently a Labrador named Misty gave birth to a litter of puppies destined to become a part of the Warrior Canine Connection team. Thanks to the efforts Dog Bless You and Explore.org, we can watch Misty's puppies as they sleep, play, eat, and sleep some more. The five puppies are happy and healthy, and constantly and carefully supervised by staff members. You can check in on the pups throughout the day here.

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Misty and her puppies.

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Each puppy is identified by a color.

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We bet mama is proud!

Watch the video here for a recap of the puppies' first couple of days of life. Misty looks like a proud -- albeit exhausted -- mother. It's a good thing she's got her family of humans to help her. Not only are the puppies adorable, but they've got an important future ahead of them.

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Which one is your favorite?

Find out more about the Warrior Canine Connection here.

Story via It's A Lab Thing, photos via the Warrior Canine Connection Facebook page


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