Picture Perfect

 |  Dec 5th 2008  |   0 Contributions

I received an email from Dogster member Sabrina, she wanted to let me know about artist Kathryn Beals who painted her portrait.

As it turns out, she has painted quite a few for Dogster members. I went to check out her work, it's great. You can see for yourself just by looking at Sabrina's portrait, to the left.

The best part is she's offering Dogster members a $50 discount off any size portrait now through December 24, 2008.

You can go to her site to see more Dogster member paintings, and to find out how to order. The thing that I really like about Kathyryn Beals is she guarantees her work, not many artists would do this.

She also has a blog How I Paint which is pretty cool, it takes you through a step-by-step demonstration of a painting from start to finish.


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