Photo Contest: What's Shaking?

 |  Jul 21st 2009  |   69 Contributions

Longtime participants on this caption contest know that shots of dogs shaking themselves dry are a semi-regular event here. It's one of those things where when you see it happen in real life it's not a big deal but when you see a moment frozen in time it takes on a whole new (and often comical) look--especially when the dog in question is generally pretty dignified looking. This week's shot is of one of the more dignified-looking breeds out there, a German Shepherd, looking a bit different than we're used to...

Have at it, Dogsters. Submit your caption suggestion by commenting on this post. The winner will be announced next Monday, July 27th and will receive a 50-Zealie prize.

Shaking Shepherd

Photograph 2009 all rights reserved.


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