Photo Caption Contest: Weigh Not Want Not

 |  Feb 18th 2010  |   79 Contributions

Well, dogsters. My timing's a bit off on the contest this week. Between the long weekend a bit of a crazy schedule I'm a little late getting this week's contest up and running. To get back in the groove, this one will run through Monday, March 1st when I'll announce the winner. Then, the next contest will begin on Tuesday, March 2nd. That should get us back on track.

In the meantime, on with the show. To enter this contest just submit your caption suggestions by commenting on this post below. The winner will receive 50 Zealies and the self-satisfaction that comes with a job well done. Again, this contest will run from today thru Monday, March 1st. Good Luck!


Photo by (C) Mark Rogers Photography 2009, All Rights Reserved


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