Photo Caption Contest: Take Two

 |  Jul 19th 2010  |   24 Contributions

Alrighty, Dogsters, It appears the dog days of summer are taking their toll on contest participation. We had under 30 submissions for this week's photo and, while there were some good ones, I think we can do better. So, let's give this one another week and go with a double prize for the winner -- 100 Zealies!

Everyone put on your funny hats and, if you're baking in the heat back east, do this at night when it's cool or make sure you send in your quote when you're in air conditioning.

To participate just submit your caption idea by commenting on this post below by end of day Sunday, July 25th. The winner of the 100 Zealies will be announced a week from today, Monday July 26th.

Good luck!

It's been a while since we've had a two-quote contest so when I saw this photo of a pair of Vizslas from a recent veterinary clinic shoot I thought the gang at Dogster would have great fun with it.


Photo by Mark Rogers Photography 2010, All Rights Reserved


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