Photo Caption Contest: Stop Clowning Around

 |  May 27th 2011  |   55 Contributions

Note from Maria: Dogsters, last week I had to juggle things around a bit and didn't get to run Mark Rogers' weekly caption contest. So here it is, just a little delayed, but in living color. Be forewarned: If you have coulrophobia, don't scroll down farther! I'm not clowning around! With no further ado, here is Mark about this week's contest:

Let's file this one under "limitless caption opportunities". I photographed this colorful pair at a pet adoption event I shoot every year here in Northern CaliforniaHave at it, Dogsters. For newbies it's fun and simple. Just submit your caption ideas by commenting on this post before end of day next Thursday, June 2, and you could win a 50-Zealie prize.


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Photo Mark Rogers Photography 2011, All Rights Reserved


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