New Weekly Photo Caption Contest-- Got a Title?

 |  Apr 2nd 2008  |   174 Contributions



This is the beginning of a new blog feature -- Got a Title? Every week I'll be featuring a new photo from noted photographer and author Jean Fogle. Then it's your turn to get into the fun. You write the titles!

That's right; you bark in your best (and funniest titles) via the comment section of each blog post. Then the secret cabal (okay, Jean and I) will decide who has the funniest title. The winner each week gets Zealies and maybe something else too.

Only one rule: keep it clean.

So here's this weeks photo in search of a title. Start barking!!!!

Want to know more about Jean? Jean is the author of Salty Dogs, visit her blogs -- Dogaholics Blog, Salty Dogs Blog and Mollitudes -- and website to see more pictures. Jean's furbaby Dogster Molly has her own blog, Mollitudes, where she gives much needed advice to humans.


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