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Mardi Gras Goes to the Dogs: Outtakes from the 2013 Barkus Parade

This year's theme was Tails & Tiaras: Here Comes Honey Bow Wow. Could you die? We can't deal!

 |  Feb 13th 2013  |   0 Contributions

Did you celebrate Mardi Gras yesterday? Dogs don't understand what all the fuss is about, all they know is that Mardi Gras centers around getting fat of some sort, and dogs love eating.

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"Are there treats involved in this?"

Mardi Gras party itself can be a little overwhelming for dogs (it's even overwhelming for some humans), so the Mystic Krewe throws its own Barkus parade after Bacchus, the god of wine and merry-making. Staged on a quiet Sunday in January, proceeds from parade registration benefit animals in need. The Mystic Krewe of Barkus touts itself as the only krewe in New Orleans created for and by dogs. 

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"There better be sooo many treats at the end of this."

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"OK, where are the treats?"

The theme this year was Tails & Tiaras: Here Comes Honey Bow Wow. 

For the 18th year, dogs and people gathered in the French Quarter for a 15 block trot. Did any of our Dogsters get to participate?

Both dogs and humans donned their most festive in order to stride down the street in celebration of canines and Mardi Gras -- and what a spectacle it was.

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"Hello? Treats please?"

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"Wait, why am I dressed like a treat?"

The parade is complete with its own court, and this year, Barkus was overseen by His Majesty Jacques Miller Wallis. The parade is followed by a humans only ball, which is fine, because dogs have two left feet.

If you missed the parade, you can check out the video below.

Photos by MBK (Marjie)

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