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Adorable Labrador Puppy Vs. Springy Doorstop

Did you know that your springy doorstop also doubles as a puppy play toy? Yep!

 |  Nov 20th 2012  |   4 Contributions

You know those springy doorstops? Yeah, those little coiled metal protrusions with a rubber cap designed to bounce your door back, so the knob doesn't bite your wall when your excitable dog flings it wide open. They're kind of weird, right? And when you hit them, they make that cartoony vibrating sound. Their purpose is limited, yet their intrigue is boundless. 

Especially if you're a Labrador puppy still totally new to the world. 

Forget the fancy Kong chews, the rawhide bones, and the tennis balls -- all this puppy needs for entertainment is already in your home. 

Maybe this family brought this puppy home as a playmate, envisioning dog and child wrestling on the floor before a glowing hearth -- a snapshot of picture perfect life. Little did they know their dreams would be dashed by a door stopper. This puppy named Tugger seems to find the household fixture relentlessly engaging, pawing, pouncing, and growling at it with no end in sight.

Oh, to be a puppy!

If only human children were so easy to amuse! We bet this puppy will never tire of the doorstop. That is, until someone opens a bag of chips, and the oh-so-sweet rustle activates his natural instinct to eat everything.

You can find more of Tugger at his Facebook page.

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