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Portrait of an Italian Greyhound: The Photography of Hana Pesut

Photographer Hana Pesut captures the best sides of Dyamond, one highly photogenic Italian Greyhound.

 |  Apr 25th 2012  |   4 Contributions

Hana Pesut is a self-taught photographer in Vancouver, Canada who has an eye for people, light, and the moments between the poses. Her best-known and longest-running project is a series called "Switcheroo," in which she photographs two people, has them switch clothes, and then photographs them again.

She says she tried to do a Switcheroo with a pair of dogs, but could not get them to sit still!

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Dyamond poses with a festive hat.

Happily, the pup in these photos was all too pleased to sit for her portrait.

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So cute!

This Italian Greyhound, a friend's dog, loves to pose and dress up, so Hana thought she'd have her sit for a session in her studio.

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This look reads, "Hug me!"

The results are too cute!

Do you think Dogster HQ's Moxie would be into this?

Photos by Hana Pesut, used with permission. 


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