Hilarious Video Series: Cooking With Dog

 |  May 11th 2010  |   4 Contributions


My great friend Sally Deneen, author of The Dog Lover's Companion to Florida, among other tomes, recently told me about a wonderfully bizarre internet cooking show from Japan. It's called Cooking With Dog. But don't let the title scare you. Dog is not an ingredient, but the host of the show -- a heavily accented grey poodle, who provides commentary as his human cooks according to his instruction.

There are many episodes. I'll include a couple of yummy ones below. If you like these, you can see many more by going to Cooking With Dog's YouTube page, where you can watch all the episodes, subscribe, and link to the show's Facebook page. I'm now a big fan, and can't wait for new episodes. (Besides finding the show very amusing, I've found some good recipes here! I've also found some that turn the stomach. Note to dog: You do not make spaghetti sauce with ketchup!)



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