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Happy Fourth of July! Here Are the 10 Most Patriotic Dogs on Shutterstock

We make fun of the flag-draped pups on the Internet's most popular stock-photo site. What's more American than that?

 |  Jul 3rd 2012  |   1 Contribution

The Fourth of July is upon us, and shooters for the popular stock-photo site have given us a bounty of dogs and puppies adorned with the reds and the whites and the blues. We're going to make fun of them.

1. Dutiful Dog

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Pug in costume by

God bless Pugs. They just put up with our insanity, you know? Also, I think a fake cigar is the correct next move here, and maybe some tennis shoes. 

2. Born on the Fourth of July

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American dog by

The military-style dog-tags gives this a nice touch -- a bit of swagger -- which the sunglasses ruin. Sunglasses on dogs: Let's cool it, OK?

3. Yankee Doodle Is About to Go to Town  

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English Bulldog puppy waves flag by

Aww, how cute, a Bulldog is waving the -- wait, is that an English Bulldog? With his limey teeth in Old Glory? LET'S BURN THIS PLACE DOWN!

4. Children of the Flag

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Young girl and dog in field of flags by

A girl and her dog wandering through a desolate, eerie, more-than-a-little crazy field of flags? Is this the start of a horror movie? THIS IS FREAKING ME OUT.

5. Not on My Watch!

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Two English Bulldogs play with flag by

Now it's two English Bulldogs? Somebody radio a battalion of American Pit Bull Terriers A-SAP!

6. Patriotic Tinsel: $1

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Dog with USA flag by

Hey, who let grandma go to the dollar store again? 

7. So Very Old Glory

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Dog dressed in patriotic hat by

This looks like my dad so much it's scary. Beagles -- who knew?

8. Huh. Interesting.

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Fourth of July BBQ by

I know this isn't a picture of a dog, but what the heck, Shutterstock? What's going on over there at HQ? Did you have a lost weekend? How does something this weird get made? (And can you make more, please?)

9. Uncle Sam?

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Dog with sequin tie by

Great, everybody's fat uncle decided to get dressed up for the picnic.

10. Good Dog

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Fourth of July hot dog by

God, that looks good. What were we talking about again? 


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