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The King is Gone, But He Lives on in These Hound Dogs

Elvis crossed the rainbow bridge 35 years ago, but his spirit lives on in these rock 'n' roll hounds!

 |  Aug 16th 2012  |   0 Contributions

Elvis Presley passed away on this date 35 years ago. If he were still alive, he'd be 77. While there's no doubt that the King changed the face of rock 'n' roll and pop culture forever, some dedicated fans, reporting mysterious sightings, believe that the famous singer is still alive.

Whether Elvis is alive or dead, we're pretty sure that these hound dogs embody the singer's spirit, and their impersonations have got us all shook up with giggles.

Favoring the 1970s Las Vegas-style of the King, these pups ain't nothing but hound dogs -- in silly costumes -- but we can't help falling in love with them. Some of this cuteness is almost obscene -- we're gonna have to film them from the waist up!

Check out this pup in his slick Elvis suit -- he's so adorable, he's got us checking into the Heartbreak Hotel.

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Photo by Rob J Brooks.

The look on this dog's face says, "Don't be cruel ... to a love that drools" (and patiently puts up with costumes).

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Photo by sirenbrian.

Oh my dog! Check out this hunka-hunka burnin' Pug -- whose dancing is just so outrageous and shocking that we have to blur the photo!

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Photo by M-J Milloy.

And no, we couldn't write an Elvis post without a droopy, adorable Basset howling along to -- what else? -- "Hound Dog."

And with that, ladies and gentledogs, Elvis has left the building.

Thank you ... thankyouverymuch! 


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