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The Making of a Guide Dog

Animal Planet serves up a great (adorable!) video of Labrador puppies performing a guide-dog exercise.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 7th 2012

Becoming a service dog requires some very specialized training. Starting from a very young age, seeing-eye dogs undergo a series of tests and lessons to make sure they are ready to become a person’s eyes. It’s a long process, which includes lots of consistent training. Not all dogs are good candidates for the job.

Those dogs who do qualify are trained from puppyhood on. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what that training includes, this Animal Planet video allows us a brief glimpse into a quick training session with a pair of Labrador puppies.

The guide-dog exercise is a test of the puppies’ sensory instincts. The trainer makes a steady noise and observes how the puppies respond. Ideally, the puppies follow the noise. However, the first puppy, Kramer, is not really interested in the game. Teddy, on the other paw, follows the noise after some initial nervousness.

The puppies are already pretty adorable, and what makes them even cuter is their future as dogs who will aid humans who cannot see. It’s a great destiny for dogs, who are naturally inclined toward helping out humans, and a great way for humans to overcome their disabilities.

Via Animal Planet