Got Title? -- Weekly Pet Photo Caption Contest

 |  Apr 25th 2008  |   105 Contributions

Are you ready for the next photo in our new weekly pet photo caption contest? Oil up those brain cells and let those captions loose!

The prize each week is 25 zealies and we cut the contest off for judging at midnight Central time next Wednesday. Please include your Dogster or Catster page number in the contact info. I want to make sure we can get you the zealies of you win.

Thanks to noted photographer and author (and furmom to Dogster Molly) Jean Fogle for the featured photos.

Want to know more about Jean? Jean is the author of Salty Dogs, visit her blogs -- Dogaholics Blog, Salty Dogs Blog and Mollitudes -- and website to see more pictures. Jean's furbaby Dogster Molly has her own blog, Mollitudes, where she gives much needed advice to humans.


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