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Breedism Is BS: Meet 11 Dangerously Adorable German Shepherds

Vicious dogs? These German Shepherds are anything but, as these photos show.

 |  Mar 13th 2013  |   27 Contributions

Famed for their involvement in police work, German Shepherds can come across as intimidating, even scary. With their strong features, deep-chested bodies, and powerful legs, a responsibly trained German Shepherd can do some damage to a fleeing criminal if commanded to do so, and with one of the most powerful bites around, it's no wonder they've developed some negative stereotypes.

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Dangerous dog? Dangerously adorable. Photo by Jimmy Benson 

But what people who only focus on the breed's negative reputation don't know is that the German Shepherd is also a keenly intelligent working dog. Their strength and willingness to learn comes in handy on search and rescue missions, and according to the book The Intelligence of Dogs, the German Shepherd is the third-smartest breed.

One of our favorite German Shepherds is Dunder, whose time-lapse video brought a smile to thousands of faces as it went viral across the Internet. Dunder is totally adorable, but his cute videos also serve a purpose: They help break down breed-specific stereotypes.

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It's DUNDER!!! Photo via Dunder's Facebook page

So here are more German Shepherds acting like total goofballs. We think all dogs should be treated with respect as creatures capable of some wild tendencies, but we also think they shouldn't be subjected to willfully ignorant prejudice or legislation.

"Who? Me? Scary? Naw."

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Photo by Magnus Bråth

The tongue of happiness!

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Photo by Maurice Koop


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Photo by Martina Rathgens

Now that's a heroic pose.

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Photo by tlindenbaum

"When are you going to get off the phone and plaaay with me?"

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Photo by laura271GSD1

"How much longer do I have to wear this hat?"

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Photo by SamTheShepherd88

"Seriously … how much longer do I have to wear this hat?"

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Photo by daniela.magallon

"License and registration? Aw, naw, not for real -- I'm just humping your leg."

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Photo by Jimmy Benson 

"Chew toys taste better in the throes of back-wriggling ecstasy."

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Photo by aegidian

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