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Meet George the Very Tired Basset Hound, Our Latest Facebook Obsession

He's so tired, we're getting sleepy just looking at these photos.

 |  Apr 17th 2013  |   30 Contributions

It's Wednesday -- are you feeling it? You managed to get through Monday, you had a surge of inspiration and productivity on Tuesday, but now it's Wednesday -- the middle of the week -- and the weekend is like, a million light-years away (that's really, really far).

For George the Basset Hound, everyday feels like Hump Day. And George, resigned to his fate, will never get over the hump. So he's going to take a nap, anywhere and everywhere he can. The world is an oyster for some, but for George, the world is a giant, mushy, half-eviscerated dog bed.

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Just a typical day in Dolores Park.

George obeys stop signs, pausing to nap on the grass before crossing the street. George sleeps on the sand and works on his tan. George sleeps with his party hat on. George occasionally flaunts the rules and sleeps where it says not to. George turns the act of sleeping into an expression of subversive, conceptual performance art. George sleeps while the world hustles around him, taking his stand against our fast modern world.

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"Stop!" "OK."

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"The view is just so-so."

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"It's my party and I'll sleep if I want to."

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Hey George, there's no parking here.

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George cares not for the hustle and bustle of this new modern world.

Well, not really.

Actually, George is just a simple Basset Hound, and this looks like a nice, warm, soft sunny spot, so let's circle it twice (then circle it a third time in reverse) and settle down with a sigh. And then -- zzz.

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Warning: Sleeping George afoot.

If you can't get enough George -- or you suffer from insomnia and need a little inspiration -- just check out his Facebook page, or add him as a friend on Dogster!

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Hint: He's wearing a "Where's Waldo" hat.

Photos via George's Facebook page


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