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Gemma Correll Has a Few Ideas About Pug Etiquette

The cartoonist explores the habits of the genteel Pug in her new illustrated book.

 |  Jan 31st 2013  |   4 Contributions

Sometimes it's difficult to believe the Pug is a descendant of the mighty wolf. When you consider the wolf's long legs, sleek profile, and keen hunting instincts, you can't help but cock your head at the Pug, whose smush-face adorableness has no doubt rocketed it to unparalleled -- however inexplicable -- popularity. Bred to be lap dogs in China, the Pug didn't need his wolf brother's long legs, nor his wild instincts. All the Pug needed to do was be cute and small and warm. At this the Pug excels.

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The anatomy of the Genteel Pug.

But perhaps there is more to the Pug. Perhaps the Pug is a gentleman in disguise. That's what cartoonist Gemma Correll suggests in her book due in February (just in time for Valentine's Day -- hint, hint) called A Pug's Guide to Etiquette.

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This could go for any dog really.

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To be fair, wolves aren't known to be fond of water either.

Her book details the struggles of a genteel Pug to behave according to the best of his breeding in a world that won't feed him from the table, insists that he walks in the rain, and is littered with treacherous puddles. Did we mention it's adorable?

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If you can't tell how deep it is, don't try to cross it!

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Bark at everything. And anything. But mostly everything.

This is a mere sample of the cuteness this book contains. Are you hooked? Order the book for around $10 here.

Images and story via Huffington Post UK 


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