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"Fighting Like Cats and Dogs?" Not Anymore! These 15 Pairs Now Work for the Greater Good

The animals in these photos have cast aside species bragging rights for ... well, self-interest.

 |  May 29th 2013  |   6 Contributions

Here at Dogster HQ, Community Manager Lori Malm and I sit next to each other at one long desk. For the most part, that's cool. But sometimes (sometimes!) Lori's bags creep into my space or I'll accidentally leave a glass of water in her space. To solve this problem, we drew an invisible line between us, and much like you and your siblings when you were kids, occasionally a cry of, "You're crossing the line!" will ring throughout the office. Fortunately, our territory disputes are solved without going to war, but when I was a kid, man, we'd fight like (heh) cats and dogs if one person merely breathed over the line.

The cats and dogs in these funny photos, however, have passed the olive branch between one another to team up for one another's benefit. When you really think about it, dogs and cats have more than a few things in common.

Here are 15 things they've teamed up to do:

1. Taunt the neighbor's kids after they accidentally threw their tennis ball over the fence. (You've seen The Sandlot, right?)

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Photo by Tammy Strobel

2. Catch the bogey man living in the wall (and keeping the kids up at night).

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"I think I heard something moving in there!" Photo by jeffreyw

3. Make sure those sun puddles don't move an inch. And then take a nap.

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"I love you, but I love this sun puddle more." Photo by Lil Shepherd

4. Steal a snack out of the fridge when the humans aren't looking.

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"Hmmm … where's the caviar? Do these two-leggers have no class?" Photo submitted by one of our very own Dogster readers, Jessie Sahms.

5. Make sure their human friend gets none of her assigned reading done.

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Photo by Chris_Parfitt

6. Occupy the couch so the one percenter human butts can't. And take a nap.

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"Four legs good! Two legs bad!" Photo by Celeste Lindell

7. Beg the humans to open the door. ("You evolved opposable thumbs and you're not using them to open this door at our whim?")

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"Faster, humans, faster!" Photo by Les Chatfield

8. Run away from exceptionally large and angry fowl. ("Boy golly, Cat, have you ever seen a pigeon that big?!")

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Photo by Don O'Brien

9. Put those decorative throw pillows to use. And take a nap.

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"Why do you have pillows if not for us to lie on?" Photo by Petteri Sulonen

10. Make a baby -- HEY WAIT.

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"This is a PG site!" Photo by Petteri Sulonen

11. Film a buddy adventure comedy together.

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"The treasure is over here!" Photo by Mike Lewinski

12. Not get any yard work done. And take a nap.

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"The leaves add a look." Photo by carrotmadman6

13. Scare the living bejeezus out of you. ("Okay, when the humans open the box, jump out at them. It'll be so fun!")

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"Not yet!" Photo by snuzzy

14. Play a rousing tournament of Rock, Paw-per, Scissors.

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"I win!" Photo by Rikki's Refuge

15. Be so cute together you'll barf rainbows -- awww!

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Can't. Handle. THE CUTENESS. Photo by jeffreyw

… and probably take a nap.

Do you have cats as well as dogs? Have they ever teamed up to outdo you? Tell us about it!


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