Dogpile: Rottweilers!

 |  Apr 27th 2011  |   0 Contributions

Rottweilers are one of my favorite breeds. I had one as a kid growing up, his name was Dee-oh-gee. He was a really sweet and gentle dog and I remember playing pretty rough with him! He was actually being trained to be a police dog too, which is why he eventually left, to go off to work! I guess Rottweilers have a bad reputation for being aggressive dogs, and there may even be genetic factors that can promote aggression. But as with most behavioral issues, it can probably be overcome with training--Rotts can be really sweet if they're raised right! And any breed can be really nasty if raised wrong. Lets not stereotype individual dogs based on breed! Instead, lets focus on their cuteness. ALL ABOARD THE ROTTI-EXPRESS.


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