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Watch Dogs Eat Snacks (in Slow Motion) in "Miami Dogs"

Here's some more viral video brilliance from "Dogs in Cars" creator Keith Hopkin.

 |  Feb 12th 2013  |   3 Contributions

Can we officially declare Keith Hopkin a dog video mastermind? We can't stop talking about his video of dogs riding in cars (in fact, whenever we need a little happy in our heart, we go watch it for its three minutes and 23 seconds of pure bliss). If you need some adorableness (and really, who doesn't need an injection of cute every now and then?), there's always the PUPPY PILE video.

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And now Hopkin has more to share. While we're sitting here listening to the rain, bundled up in layers and fighting off sniffles, these dogs are fetching snacks in slow motion in Miami Dogs -- and they're doing it with style. Those lucky female dogs.

Donning their ultra hip "doggles" and barking around to some slick beats, Benji, Rocky, and Nina -- also known as the Bark4Green Dogs -- chomp snacks in slow motion. The concentration on their faces is incredible. Watching the trio frolic in a sunny park has us longing for springtime and summer. But while we're waiting for warmer weather, our hearts feel a little less frosty after watching these pups get down and doggy.

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Get that treat!

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Who else here can't wait for warmer weather?

Hold on a second -- is that dog wearing pearls?

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Wait -- are those pearls???

Check out more from Keith Hopkin by following his Twitter feed and checking him out on Facebook and YouTube.

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