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Watch a Dog and His Kid Scratch Each Other's Backs

Is that impossible-to-reach spot on your back itching again? Get a dog to help you out! This smart lad did just that.

 |  Aug 8th 2012  |   2 Contributions

Editor's Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

We here at Dogster already know that having a dog in the family benefits pups and humans alike, but we don't think we've ever seen that mutually beneficial relationship played out in such specific terms as in this video!

Here we have a kid and his beloved dog, just lying around, enjoying some rug time together. If there's one thing dogs adore it's back scratches ... delicious, wonderful, kick-inducing back scratches. After all, we've got five digits on each hand to scratch with ... what good are those thumbs for if not adding an extra level of happiness?

The kid in the video happily obliges the pup by scratching his back, which then prompts the dog to scratch the kid's back. Ah yes, see how wonderful this is? You scratch your dog's back and your dog will scratch your back -- especially that hard-to-reach place that always itches! 

It just brings joy to our hearts to see humans and dogs engage in such a simple, loving transaction. This is why we love our dogs -- they are always there for us when we need them! Everything we put into them (from expensive dog food to daily walks) is returned to us tenfold, making a dog in the family a rewarding, priceless experience.

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