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Puppy Makes Playmate From a Towel -- Cuteness Ensues

This young dog and a towel become BFFs, palling around on the kitchen floor.

 |  Sep 11th 2012  |   2 Contributions

We imagine that right before this video was shot, this conversation occurred:

Puppy (finding a towel draped over him): "I've been alive for less than a few months! What is this warm, soft, pliable thing? Are you my new friend?"

Towel (getting tangled around the puppy): "..."

Puppy: "Ah! It's a wrestling match you want! Well, good thing I am a puppy and I have tons of energy and I love to wrestle! Let's be best friends for life!"

Towel (wrapping itself around the puppy): "..."

Puppy: "This is just great! I love you, Towel."

Towel (falling away): "..."

Puppy (noticing a different toy): "Wait! What's this? Are you my new friend? I love you forever, new toy!"

Cut to an exhausted puppy cuddled up with his toy and his towel as if it were his security blanket.

While we can spend lots of money on our dogs with fancy food and fancy toys, this video proves that sometimes the best things in life cost $1.99 at Target. Not only does puppy get to play, but we get to watch puppy, and hey, that's absolutely free. Dogs don't care if we're rich or if we're poor -- they love us no matter what.

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