These Pugs Have the Best Death-Metal Scream

They're small and flat-faced, but these little dogs screech like they're summoning the god of rock.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 29th 2012

Don’t be fooled by their little bodies, stubby legs, squished faces, and bug eyes — Pugs are hardcore. One time, upon overhearing some death metal, a friend said, “I don’t get metal. It’s fine if other people like it. But to me, it just sounds like dogs barking.”

Maybe that’s because it is just dogs barking! Pugs, to be exact. And they’re not exactly barking, they’re screaming — otherworldly, heavy metal screams. We bet you didn’t know they could make those sounds. Yeah, we didn’t know either. Apparently when some Pugs get overexcited, their barking jettisons from a normal dog, “Arf arf!” to violent space aliens from another planet intent on destroying the human race. Pugs are tough, man, why else do you think their name rhymes with “thug?”

So next time you’re annoyed because the pimply teenaged boy across the street is playing his death metal a little too loudly, just think of it as a chorus of screaming Pugs. That kind of takes the edge out of it, right? And next time you underestimate a Pug because they’re small and flat-faced, just remember … beneath that sweet little face is a voice from another dimension. A death-metal dimension.

Death-metal Pugs forever!

Photo: Pug with sunglasses by