Watch a Polar Bear Scare the Bejeezus Out of a Dog

Fun things happen at zoos -- like gigantic bears giving the family dog a nervous breakdown.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 17th 2012

We don’t often get to see domesticated and wild animals interact — especially a family dog and something as ferocious as, oh, a polar bear. At a dog-friendly zoo, Bella the dog — who hails from Carlsbad, California — got the scare of her short, one-year life when confronted with a polar bear. (Which, by the way, makes us wonder: Do you think dogs should be allowed at zoos?)

The dog and bear were safely separated, but seeing the polar bear pop out of the water at Bella was enough to give her quite a fright. Bella is so startled that she doesn’t even have time to utter a bark, instead just jumping back with reflexes we might even call cat-like.

Curious Bella steps in for a second look, but decides that she doesn’t need any further investigation, and gives the bear some respectful space.

Bella’s like, “Yeah, I realize I’m supposed to be a guard dog, but I’m gonna let y’all handle this one. That bear’s tongue alone is bigger than my head!”

Bella’s reaction is a huge cry (and a giant leap back!) from some of the videos we’ve seen on the Catster side of our network, with kitties scaring off black bears. Admittedly, in Bella’s defense, a polar bear is quite a different animal than a black bear!

Photo: Polar bear, King of the Arctic – with dog by Shutterstock

Via GrindTV