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Jiff the Pomeranian Shows Off His Bag of Tricks

This wonder dog's best is melting our hearts by turning into a cuddly burrito.

 |  Nov 12th 2012  |   0 Contributions

Jiff is a little Pomeranian who has a lot to show off. The darling, petite actor-slash-model knows a list of tricks that includes basic obedience, rolling up into a burrito, playing dead, dancing, and -- his greatest trick of all -- melting our hearts.

In this video, the incredibly talented lapdog runs through a routine of commands, and it's pretty clear that Jiff and his human friend share a special bond, where Jiff is really happy to please her and she cares deeply for Jiff.

One of our favorite Jiff tricks is when he rolls himself up into a little doggy burrito and then poses with eyes that hypnotize us into loving him.

When Jiff isn't busy performing frown-defying stunts of cuteness, he enjoys posing for the camera in different doggy outfits. From the looks of it, Jiff loves the camera and the camera loves Jiff -- his little teddy bear face always has a smile on it.

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Jiff doesn't let the fame get to his head -- he is a perfect gentleman.

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Angel or dog? We're not sure.

Don't worry -- it's not all work and no play for Jiff. Jiff and his human make time to hang out and relax. Jiff is a natural beach bum and also has a shell-collecting hobby. Don't believe us? Here's Jiff hitting the surf and sand to a Weezer soundtrack.

Yeah, how cute was that? It's his best trick!

Photos via Jiff's Facebook page (Don't forget to like it!).


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