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Slo-Mo Dachshund Video Gives Us More Time to Adore

Iso in Slow Motion not only describes a video, but it's also the name of a YouTube Channel.

 |  Oct 2nd 2012  |   0 Contributions

What's better than watching a chubby Dachshund play fetch and go swimming? Watching a chubby Dachshund play fetch and go swimming in slow motion accompanied by dreamy, easy music.

This is Iso the Dachshund. Iso In Slow Motion is YouTube channel containing videos -- as its name suggests -- of Iso doing things in slow motion. Things like Iso wrestling with his favorite toy, Iso cuddling with his humans in bed, and (our favorite) Iso taking a bath ... in slow motion. With lush, gorgeous photography accompanied by a precious soundtrack, Iso in slow motion lets us indulge in every ounce of adorableness without missing a beat of cuteness.

While you wouldn't mistake a stubby-legged wiener dog for a high-flying frisbee dog, Iso makes you think twice. He chases after the toy with the serious gusto of a dog 10 times his size. Not to be outdone by the other dogs at the park, Iso plays in the sand and then goes for a swim. You'd never guess that his legs are only two inches long.

Iso's romp in the park is a reminder that size doesn't matter when your heart is 10 feet tall -- it can be argued, after all, that adorableness is inversely proportional to one's size.

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