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Boo, the World's Cutest Dog, Travels First Class Like a Star

Boo steals the show on a red-carpet flight right into our hearts. Excellent PR move, Virgin America!

 |  Jul 17th 2012  |   4 Contributions

Boo, the World's Cutest Dog, took a little trip last week with Virgin America, departing from the airline's terminal at the San Francisco Airport as itsPet Liaison, and the results are adorable!

With pupparazzi in tow, Boo made his way to his flight dressed airfare casual in a little red hoodie -- we didn't know Boo could get much cuter, but he just did!

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Only the red carpet treatment for little Boo!

Boo got the whole Virgin America experience as he checked in, received his ticket, and breezed through security. He then got a moment to collect himself at Virgin America's "re-composure area" -- security is stressful for everyone, including cute little dogs!

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Boo collects himself after going through security -- Boo is no diva, he travels light!

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Oh just relaxing at the gate.

Hoping to make travel as comfortable for dogs as well as humans, Virgin America offers pet-friendly water bottles, so everyone can enjoy a sip of water. From the look on his face, we think Boo approves.

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Remember to drink water!

Not only did Boo, as did his travel companion, Buddy, get to travel first class -- they got to sit in the cockpit as well. Did you know that on top of being adorable, Boo can also pilot an airplane? Just kidding, but Boo can dream, right?

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Boo may not be a real pilot, but he certainly steers our hearts toward "Awww!"

Then it was on to his first-class seats -- check out that mood lighting. Now that's one lucky dog! Are you sure you've got enough leg room there, Boo? Would you like an in-flight snack?

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All right, ready for takeoff ... right into our hearts!

Photos via the Virgin America Facebook page


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