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10 Photos of Dogs Who Look Like Royalty

Just look at the tiaras. They're not fooling around.

 |  Dec 31st 2012  |   2 Contributions

We might think we've got the upper hand when it comes to our dogs. Sure they're cute, but we buy their dog food, take them on walks, train them, and open doors for them.

Or so we think.

Are there any people in your life that you would let routinely barf on your rug, track mud into the house, eat your favorite pair of shoes, or hog most of the bed? We don't own dogs. Dogs own us. They are the undisputed kings and queens, princes and princesses of our households. And just to prove it, here are 10 photos of dogs wearing tiaras or otherwise looking like royalty.

No, Her Majesty will not be seeing visitors today. Do you see the crown over her face? She's saying, "If I can't see you, you don't exist!" If you'll excuse her, she'll be scooting her royal butt across the carpet.

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Photo by Hood Ornaments

Oh sure, she might be a little princess now, but those paws are fit for a king ... as in the king-size bed she will kick you out of once she'll fully grown and totally accustomed to sleeping under the covers.

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Photo by Shazz Mack

"Fetch me the royal glass eyes! I wish to see into the future!"

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Photo by Smoooochie

Who else do you know who gets to wear party hands AND eat dog treats IN BED? Would you let your partner wear a party hat and eat dog treats in bed? No! But these dogs are having a blast doing just that. Look at them!

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Photo by SameShihTzuDifferentDay

You got a dog? Great! You've been enlisted to be his personal puparazzi. Dogs are vain.

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Photo by Jesse757
"Go for a walk? I don't think so, human. You do the walking, I'll do the perching-here-looking-pretty. Thanks."

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Photo by tanakawho

We know his humans probably spend more on his grooming than they do on their own. A luscious coat like that doesn't crimp itself!

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Photo by kelsey6

"Chauffer, please drive me to the dog park while I sit here in my fur-on-fur coat licking my butt. I will also bark from the backseat and vomit in disapproval of your driving skills. Thank you."

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Photo by lindyi

Obvious royalty. There are magic powers in his tongue.

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Photo by MBK (Marjie)

Kibble. Will. Roll.

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Photo by Crystal "Still Learning" Agozzino


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