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Watch a Dozen Doberman Puppies Grow Up in Photos

This Doberman rescuer got a dozen pups for the price of one -- and the results are breathtaking.

 |  Aug 31st 2012  |   8 Contributions

Thanks to the kindness of Redditor tunafish221, a dozen Doberman puppies got a chance to be raised in a compassionate, caring home while awaiting adoption. After rescuing a grown Doberman from a "very rural" shelter, this helpful human discovered that she'd gotten a baker's dozen for the price of one!

One grown Doberman and a dozen babies? Bring it!

While many would have found the undertaking overwhelming, tunafish221 -- who does a lot of Doberman rescuing and fostering -- was ready. She photographed the puppies throughout their growth so we can watch them grow from wriggling balls of fur to happy, healthy puppies ready to go to good homes (and they all went to good homes).

At first the "dirty dozen" all fit into one green tub, but then at just 6 weeks old the bucket is already overflowing. Puppies! They grow so quickly!

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Puppies in a bucket!

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At two weeks old.

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Five weeks old ... not enough room!

It isn't long before the puppies need a new transportation system ... like, oh, a wheelbarrow? If you thought one Doberman puppy was too much to handle, try a dozen. If you haven't melted into a pile of "Aww" right now, then you're probably a Vulcan from Star Trek.

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Overflowing with cuteness at just six weeks! Now where do we put them?

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At nine weeks it's time for a wheelbarrow!

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This is proud mama Jenny.

We wish we could cuddle with all of them!

All photos by tunafish221


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