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10 Fathers Day Gifts that Go Right to the Dogs

Are you getting dad another tie? Good thing his dog looks good in a tie!

 |  Jun 14th 2013  |   2 Contributions

Wait, let us guess: You're getting your dear old dad a pair of novelty socks for Fathers Day. No? Okay, a novelty shirt! No?

We know -- you got him a novelty necktie, right? We knew it!

We are not sure how the Fathers Day tradition of whack gifts started, but somewhere, somehow, Fathers Day became the day when fathers all around the country came to expect another necktie with boats or lobsters or golf balls on it. Do we just not know what to get our fathers? Or is it just too easy to walk into the local department store and walk back out with whatever they had on display in the front?

Check out these 10 dogs wearing neckties and bow ties -- since, come on, you don't really expect your dad to wear that goofy flamingo tie to the office now, do you?

1. If you don't wear it, this dog will

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Photo by Theodore Lee

2. There's always the holiday-themed tie you can wear for only one week out of the year

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Photo by Mirry

3. Solid red is a bold statement

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Photo by Jim Kelly

4. Rhinestones for glamor, but not aways appropriate for the office

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Photo by Maegan Tintari

5. Gingham is a classic

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Photo by hobvias sudoneighm

6. Fake neckties for the dad who never learned how to tie a tie

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Photo by billy1125

7. A heart pattern bow tie only looks cute on this guy

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Photo by Luz

8. Use an umbrella to protect your tie from unpredictable weather

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Photo by Eco-Pup

9. This guy can pull off anything

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Photo by Akaporn Bhothisuwan

10. Whenever you need a tie for a festive occasion, you can never find it -- because the dog is wearing it

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Photo by John McStravick

Happy Fathers Day, Dogster readers! How are you celebrating?

Photo: Puppy with necktie by Shutterstock

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