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Here Are Those "Star Wars" Dog Costumes You Wanted!

A long time ago, in a dog park far, far away …

 |  Apr 24th 2013  |   1 Contribution

Guess what? Now's your chance to remake Star Wars starring your pack of dogs. 

Wait, what? You haven't seen a single Star Wars movie? We find that really hard to believe. Everyone has seen Star Wars (at least two dozen times).

But okay, we'll play along. If you haven't seen Star Wars, here's the first movie condensed into one minute. 

Yeah, it's exactly like that. 

We know Halloween is like six months away, but it's never too early to start thinking about costumes. And these aren't just any Star Wars dog costumes -- these are officially licensed merchandise. The line features seven iconic characters from the trilogy, and with just a little imagination and your camera phone, you can reimagine the Battle for Hoth with your own AT-AT.  

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The underside is the most vulnerable … to belly rubs!

(This isn't as elaborate as Bones Mello's AT-AT costume, but it's pretty good.)

Or maybe your dog resides more on the Bark Side. In that case, the only appropriate costume would be Darth Vader. Or Bark Vader. 

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Join the Bark Side.

Or is your dog more of a supernatural force? Doling out confusing wisdom like Yoda?

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"Release me from this costume, you will."

Unless, of course, your dog is Princess Leia -- she was always my favorite. 

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No, this is not the metal bikini version of Leia.

If you're the one person in this galaxy far, far away who hasn't seen Star Wars, then these costumes don't mean anything to you. Or if you're a hardcore Star Trek fan, then yeah, live long and prosper ... sans costumes.

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And we thought they smelled bad on the outside!

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They always ride single file … or tangled around your legs.

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If you're wondering where to get these, look here. (Although, to be honest, these costumes pale in comparison to the commitment demonstrated by the Banthapug.)

Are you a Star Wars fan? Would you consider these costumes for your dogs?

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