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Dogs in Pantyhose: It's Apparently a Thing

These photos are a little creepy. Okay, they're a lot creepy. But we like them nonetheless.

 |  Apr 9th 2013  |   14 Contributions

Gosh, don't you just hate it when you buy the wrong size tights or you've worn a pair of pantyhose one too many times and you spend your day trying to inconspicuously tug them back up onto your waist?

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Don't you hate it when your tights slide down your butt?

Nothing will put a kink in your day quite like some ill-fitting hose. Just ask these dogs.

We cannot tell you how or why photos of dogs in pantyhose have become a running joke in China. Maybe it started with a good old-fashioned doggie panty raid, which went awry when a dog nicked a pair of tights instead of some underpants. That's when the dog's human friend looked at the pup and thought, "Hey, I know what's a good idea!"

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Because why not?

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Just add a little blush.

Other dogs, upon realizing how good their legs look in stockings, decided to try their paws at the trend, and then even added heels to complete the look. Because that only makes sense.

Once the photos hit the Internet, others could not resist replicating the humorous image. And that's how a meme was born.

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This borders on obscene.

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OK, wait … that's almost too far.

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We don't know if red is his color ...

So, there you go -- dogs in pantyhose. The only thing that makes it creepy (OK, there's a lot that makes it creepy) is how much better some of these dogs look in hosiery than yours truly.

Via Laughing Squid

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