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Dogs: 10 Ways to React When Humans Put Bunny Ears on You

If you have two legs and opposable thumbs, don't look at these photos. They're for dogs only!

 |  Mar 29th 2013  |   26 Contributions

This Sunday is Easter and dogs everywhere are rolling their eyes and tucking their tails in anticipation of one dreaded holiday tradition: the cheesy costume. Easter means that dogs everywhere will be forced to don bunny ears for their humans' amusement.

Bunny ears! Do you know how insulting that is to a dog? Rabbits are snack food!

So listen, dogs, if your human friend insists on making a fool of you, guilt trip your human with the following methods:

1. Pout aggressively, your lower lip trembling as your eyes well with tears.

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Photo by ...love Maegan

2. Stick your tongue out on one side of your mouth and drool everywhere.

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Photo by DaveFayram

3. Let your mouth melt in a saddest frown (particularly good if you have luxuriously droopy jowls).

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Photo by anneh632

4. Make your most horrifying face (bonus points if you can make your eyes glow -- it's guaranteed to wreck the photos).

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Photo by Pets Advisory

5. Strike an indignant pose -- the kind that tacitly promises a "gift" on the rug.

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Photo by abbynormy

6. Pout aggressively (works well if you're a Pug -- the wrinkled face adds agony).

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Photo by geraldbrazell

7. Jump on the furniture and scratch your fleas, shedding hair all over the upholstery.

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Photo by Karsun Designs

8. If you're outside, wear sunglasses so no one will recognize you.

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Photo by Pets Advisor

9. Step out of the camera's focus point for a blurry photo.

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Photo by FlowerNinjaA

10. Pose while also peeing on the comforter -- that'll teach 'em.

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Photo by chispy2

Humans, do you plan on humiliating your dog with bunny ears?

The thing about dogs is that even when we humiliate them, they're always happy to see us and always freak out when we leave them. If you do decide to put bunny ears on your dog, make sure you check out our guide to dog facial expressions so you'll know the look of revenge when you see it.


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